Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier (KC-G50L-W)

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Specifications of Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier KCG50LW

  • Brand: Sharp
  • Model: KCG50LW
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year

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Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier KCG50LW

  • Coverage area 38m²
  • Removal of allergens from dust mite faces and dead dust mites
  • Speed of suppressing the activity of airborne microbes: approx 1.5 times faster
  • Speed deodorizing clinging odors: approx 1.3 times faster
  • Removal of adhered mold in addition to suspending mold
  • Intelligent Mode with 7 Types of Detection in Effect -Once you press the button, everything operates automatically. Humidifying and air purification are controlled according to the impurities, odors, temperature, and humidity of the air in the room. Also, a motion sensor detects whether people are present, working in coordination with a light sensor to automatically switch to energy-saving operation
  • Approved by the British Allergy Foundation – The British Allergy Foundation has tested KI, KC, and FU-series Sharp Plasmacluster air purifiers and verified that airborne allergen including dust mite feces and remains, as well as pollen, are removedHumidifying – Humidifying System: Natural VaporizationSpecial program mode: Intelligent, Haze ( E ), Anti-Dust ( Y ), Clean Ion Shower ( TA ) , Stand (SA )Filter Life – Dust Collection, Deodorization, Humidifying:Up to 10 yearsLight Control Button 🙁 Bright/ Dim / Off)Dimension (WxHxD) mm :345 x 631 x 262
  • Color White
    Humidifying – Humidifying System Natural Vaporization
    Humidifying – Tank Capacity 2.5L
    Humidifying – Humidifying Capacity 450 mL/hour
    Recommended area – Air Purifying 38m²
    Recommended area – Humidifying 21m²
    Recommended area for high-density Plasmacluster ions 28m²
    Operation Modes Max / Med / Low / Pollen / Sleep
    Voltage/frequency (V, Hz) 220-240, 50-60
    Power input (W) (Max/Med/Low) – Without Humidifying 53/26/5.0
    Power input (W) (Max/Med/Low) – With Humidifying 33/14/6.5
    Standby Power (W) 1.2
    Inverter Operation Yes
    Airflow (Max/Med/Low) (m³/hour) – Without Humidifying 306/180/60
    Airflow (Max/Med/Low) (m³/hour) – With Humidifying 240/120/60
    Noise Level (Max/Med/Low) (dB) – Without Humidifying 52/47/19
    Noise Level (Max/Med/Low) (dB) – With Humidifying 46/40/20
    Special program mode Intelligent, Haze ( E ), Anti-Dust ( Y ), Clean Ion Shower ( TA ) , Stand (SA )
    Auto Restart Yes
    Child Lock Yes
    Timer Yes (on / off)
    Filter Type – Dust Collection HEPA
    Filter Type – Deodorization Double Deodorization
    Filter Type – Pre-filter fine-meshed
    Filter Type – Humidifying Yes
    Filter Life – Dust Collection Up to 10 years
    Filter Life – Deodorization Up to 10 years
    Filter Life – Humidifying Up to 10 years
    Sensor – Odor Yes
    Sensor – Dust Yes
    Sensor – Temperature & Humidity Yes
    Sensor – Light Yes
    Sensor – Motion Yes
    Clean sign indicator Yes (7 Steps)
    Mosquito trap function
    Light Control Button Yes ( Bright/ Dim / Off)
    Dimension (WxHxD) mm 345 x 631 x 262
    Net Weight (kg) 9.2
    Replacement filter – HEPA filter FZD40HFE
    Replacement filter – Deodorizing Filter FZG40DFE
    Replacement filter – Humidifying Filter FZG60MFE
    Replacement filter – Active Carbon Deodorizing Filter
    Replacement glue sheet
    Replacement Unit
    Plasmacluster ion purification – Airborne microbes Airborne mold, Airborne microbes, Airborne viruses, Dust mite remain allergens, Dust mite faces allergens, Ammona odor
    Plasmacluster ion purification – Clinging odors Cigarette odor, Body odor
    Filter purification – Capture & reduction of growth Airborne microbes, Viruses, Tree pollen, Dust mite remains, Dust mite faces
    Filter purification – Deodorizing Cigarette odor, Pet odor, Body odor, Mold odor, Ammonia odor, Cooking odor, Kitchen garbage odor, Toilet odor, VOC/Nox/Sox, Haz
    Filter purification – Capture Airborne mold, Plant pollen, Tree pollen, Pet dander, Pet hair, Dust, Cigarette smoke, Mite dust, Diesel exhaust


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