Diplomat Media Safes DS1070EH

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A must for all businesses, the Diplomat DS1070EH Data & Media Safe is reliable, safe and efficient. The Diplomat Media Safe is the perfect way to protect your data storage devices as media can be damaged in low level heat above 50°C or humidity above 85°C.

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Product Description:

Media Safes

A must for all businesses, the Diplomat Data Fire Safe is the most reliable, safe and efficient way to protect your data storage devices.

Computer media can be easily damaged in low level heat above 50°C or humidity above 85°C.

Warranty: 1 Year Service will be provided.

Origin (Country of manufacture): Korea


Features & Benefits

Store and protect documents and data

Limited space? Perfect design to secure documents and data

Protect and secure A4 files or folders, CD’s and USB’s

Two storage units in one at an affordable price!

Locking System

The door is secured by a dual user high quality EDL digital lock.


Durable acrylic urethane leather-tone finish.

Pressed steel construction enclosing a barrier of styronite fire resistant material. The door opens 180º to facilitate easy removal of the door for delivery or replacement.

Fire Test
Fire Resistant and Impact tested and certified.
NT Fire 017 – Swedish National Testing and Research Institute.

Maximum permissible temp. inside the data insert
Data: 50˚C Diskette: 30˚C


DS112SEN41235243322415720674360min1 X S*
DS1530EN51440444031419720112.46560min1 x S*
DS1070EH6355005004192772312711790mim2 X S*
DT282EH77069072048942040680254120min1 x T, 1 x S*
DT2120EH1160690720879402406143337120min4 X T, 1 X S*
DT2200EH16856907201404402406229541120min5 x T, 2 x S*
DT2300EH168512007201404804406458765120min10 x T, 4 x S*

Locking System: Digital – Installation: Free Standing – User Manual: Provided: * Fittings = D: Drawer |

S: Shelf | T: Tray

Data Insert Storage Capacity

4mm DAT8mm AITCDDLTLTO/Ultrium
(Without case)
3590 Cartridge
(Without case)
DS112SEN60 x Data, 60 x Diskette743330162212
DS1530EN60 x Data, 60 x Diskette1505453203622
DS1070EH90 x Data, 90 x Diskette312168111629664
DT282EH120 x Data, 120x Diskette580285282126132171144
DT2120EH120 x Data, 120 x Diskette1276627564294308399288
DT2200EH120 x Data, 120 x Diskette1972969940462484627480


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