Gala Quick Spin MOP Floor Cleaner

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Gala Quick Spin MOP in Bangladesh

If you are living in a flat that has tiles then it is more important to keep it clean. To keep your floor clean you will need a smart set of MOP that will reduce your workload.

Now you can clean your floor smartly by the Gala Quick Spin MOP. It work\’s like a charm. You don\’t even need to dirty your hand now. Without wasting more water and floor cleaning liquid. With this Smart-pin MOP, you will be able to clean your floor like new within a few minutes.

There is a super spinning wheel that helps to clean and dry the microfiber smartly. It comes with a bucket and wheel to carry easily. Make your home smart with Latest Design of Floor Cleaner MOP – Easy Spin MOP. This is the number one and best seller MOP in India and now available in Bangladesh.


Key Features of Gala Quick Spin Mop:

  • Special Cleaner to Remove Dirt and Clean Refill Effortlessly
  • Micro Fibre Refill with Super Absorbent Capacity Offers Superior Cleaning Performance
  • Super Spin System which Makes Drying Refill Faster
  • Spin Mop with Wheels which Helps Carrying the Bucket from One Place to Another Comfortably

Quick Spin Mop

The ideal solution to keeping your home clean while you have no maids to rely on, the Easy & Quick Spin Mop cleans the floor effectively without requiring much effort.

360 MOP – Design

Manufactured in smart design, this Gala quick spin mop is the ideal floor cleaning equipment for your home.



Designed to provide effective cleaning, the Gala mop features a head that is made of microfibers. It comes with a plastic handle that is comfortable to hold and use.

360 Degree Cleaning

Cleaning with this mop is extremely easy since it provides 360-degree cleaning, making sure every spec of dirt is removed from the floor.


Quick Lock

The unit also features a quick-lock system that not just adds to the conveniences but also aids in cleaning the mop itself by keeping it firmly locked.


Easy Wheels

Built with wheels, you can take the unit with you around the house while you clean. The wheels make it easy to pull the bucket when it\’s filled with water.


With excellent dust and water absorbency capacity, the Gala quick spin mop cleans the floor effectively without requiring much pressure. The mop can be used in both wet and dry forms to clean floors.

Gala MOP Features:

  • With ‘wheels’ which helps to carry the bucket from one place to another comfortably
  • Microfiber refills with superabsorbent capacity
  • It has a super spin system which makes drying refill faster
  • Special cleaner to remove dirt and clean refill effortlessly
  • Includes: 1 Spin Mop complete Set (Including Refill) + 1 Refill

Gala Spin MOP Specifications:

  • Brand: Gala
  • Model Number: 145790
  • Colour: Multi
  • Size: 4.5 IN
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Product Dimensions: 55 cm x 14.7 cm x 6 cm



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