KDK High pressure ventilating wall Fan 25GSC

৳  12,500.00

  • High pressure series
  • Blade size = 250 mm
  • Single phase
  • Reversible
  • High performance motor
  • Air volume = 1,150 m3/h
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Product Description:

1) Applicable to factory warehouse, restaurant kitchen where big air change is necessary

2) Slim design for optimum space utilization and easy installation

3) A unique drain mechanism avoids the ingress of water and dust into the motor, facilitating in excellent durability

4) High performance totally enclosed motor which prevents the temperature of the motor from rising    abnormally

5) Can be used over an ambient temperature range from -10 to +50

6) Possible to install horizontally or vertically

Warranty: 1 Year Service will be provided.


Origin (Country of manufacture): Japan.



1) Reversible.

2) Bellmouth construction with distinctive wave-shaped blade.

3) Durable powder coating.