KDK Wall Ventilating fan 10BAQ1

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  • Exhaust type
  • Wall mounting
  • Single speed
  • Sirocco fan adopted
  • Air volume = 85 m3/h
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Product Description:

1) Exhaust type

2) Wall mounting

3) Single speed

4) Sirocco fan adopted

5) Air volume = 85 m3/h

Warranty: 1 Year Service will be provided.

Origin (Country of manufacture): Thailand.\"""\"Features:


1) Exhaust type

2) The fan shall be suitable for wall mounting

3) Condenser motor with thermo cut-off

4) Lubricated sintered bush for long life operation

5) Highly efficient sirocco fan adopted to sustain static pressure and maintain low noise level

6) Front louver with blind shutter enhances privacy and safety protection

7) Plastic frame, blade and louver used suitable for installing in humid environment

8) Exhaust port can be extended by connecting a 100mm duct

9) Provided with exhaust hood for direct ventilation from your room

10) Installation size = 155 x 205 mm




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