LivPure Brahma Water Purifier

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  • 5 stage purification process
  • Elegant & sleek design
  • Free maintenance for 1 year
  • Non Electric water purifier with no cartridge cost for 1 year.
  • Storage tank capacity: 16 liters
  • Purification capacity: 16 Liters/hour
  • Made in India

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Product Description:

Designed keeping in mind the modern Indian home, Livpure Brahma delivers a power-packed performance and is surprisingly easy on the pocket. With a refreshing-new compact design, Livpure Brahma water filter features a never-seen-before Kitanu Guard that protects your water from all impurities. Its robust tank can store up to 16 liters of water, and you need not worry about maintenance, which is free for 1 year. What’s more, the Livpure Brahma water purifier comes with no cartridge cost for 1 year.

Origin (Country of manufacture): India.




1) 5 stage purification process

2) Elegant & sleek design

3) Free maintenance for 1 year

4) Non Electric water purifier with no cartridge cost for 1 year.

5) Storage tank capacity: 16 liters

6) Purification capacity: 16 Liters/hour

The Technology:

Packed with features and intelligence

Livpure is India’s first advanced Touch Technology water purifier, giving you crystal clear pure water using a reverse osmosis or RO system. It also has high-tech dispensing options to save time. Here are some of the unique features of Livpure water purifiers:

Intelligent Technology: Push-button water dispensing with advanced dispensing options, making it convenient and time saving. Has a glass and bottle, as well as continuous water dispensing systems.

Triple-state Purification: Livpure’s seven-stage triple water purification system, which includes RO filtering, ensures that the water you drink is absolutely, 100% safe to drink, without pathogens, dangerous chemicals and poisonous metals.

Display Panel: The display panel gives you information about the purified water level, health of the components inside, as well as the customer care number.

Taste Enhancer: Livpure’s ultra-filtration and ultraviolet based water treatment system has been designed to ensure optimum taste so that the water is not only pure but tastes good too!

Innovative Tank Design: Livpure water purifier tanks are designed in such a way that it is insect-proof, preventing cockroaches, ants and flies from getting in.


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