Panasonic 10″ Ventilating fan with high pressure wall FV-25G4S

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1) High pressure series 2) Blade size = 250mm 3) Single phase 4) Reversible 5) High performance motor 6) Air volume = 1,150 m3/h

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Product Description:

1) High pressure series

2) Blade size = 250mm

3) Single phase

4) Reversible

5) High performance motor

6) Air volume = 1,150 m3/h

Warranty: 1 Year Service will be provided.

Origin (Country of manufacture): Japan.





1) Distinctive wave shape blade delivers a smooth and turbulence-free airflow

2) Bell mouth construction incorporated with new blade enables operation with high static pressure

3) Durable powder coating ensure high rust-resistant capability

4) Unique drain mechanism avoids the ingress of water and dust into the motor for excellent durability

5) High performance totally enclosed motor with thermal cut-off

6) Able to be used over an ambient temperature range of from -10 to +50oC

7) Possible to install horizontally or vertically

8) Optional guard and shutter available