Panasonic 56″ ceiling Fan F-56MZ2

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  • Standard regulator series
  • 3-blade design
  • Prevention of product falling off
  • Compact size of regulator
  • 56 inches (1,400 mm) blade span
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Made in Malaysia

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Product Description:

1) Standard regulator series.

2) 3-blade design.

3) Prevention of product falling off.

4) Compact size of regulator.

5) 56 inches (1,400mm) blade span.

Warranty: 1 Year Service will be provided

Origin (Country of manufacture): Japan.


1) Compact size condenser controlled regulator.

2) 5-speed selection.

3) Cut-off safety switch equipped.

4) Fall prevention of blade adopted.

5) Safety wire provided to prevent detachment of fan motor from rod.

6) Thermal fuse prevents overheating or power surge.

7) Permanently lubricated ball bearing assembly.

8) Color: body (white), ring (gloss gold or non-gloss gold).


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