Sharp Humidifying Plasmacluster Air Purifier KCG40LH

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Sharp Humidifying Plasmacluster Air Purifier KCG40LH Sharp Humidifying Plasmacluster Air Purifier KCG40LH have myriad of functions.Equipped with Intelligent Mode with 7 Types of Detection. The humidifying and air purification are controlled according to the impurities, odors, temperature, and humidity of the air in the room. Also, a motion sensor detects whether people are present, working in coordination with a light sensor to automatically switch to energy-saving operation.The British Allergy Foundation has tested KI, KC, and FU-series Sharp Plasmacluster air purifiers and verified that airborne allergens including dust mite feces and remains, as well as pollen, are removed. Specification Charcoal Gray Color Natural Vaporization Humidifying System 2.5L Tank Capacity Special Programme Mode: Available Auto, Haze (E), Anti-Dust (Y), Clean Ion Shower ( TA ), Stand (SA ) Dimension (WxHxD): 345mm x 631mm x 262mm Plasmacluster ion purification on Airborne microbes and Clinging odors


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